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Recital Week 2020


June 8 – 11, 2020

Location: Conservatory of Dance Studio



Dear C of D Families,

We are very excited to be finalizing our plans for our Recital “20/20 Vision”.  This year’s recital will not look the same as in past years, however, we are so happy for those dancers who will be participating and wrapping up all of the hard work they put in throughout this 2019-2020 dance season.  For those dancers who will not be participating in the recital, we encourage you to at least come to the studio in costume and makeup to have your recital picture taken professionally by Brad Olson Photography. The Picture order form is on our studio website and orders need to be placed by Friday June 12th. 
We are attaching a detailed schedule for you to this email.  This schedule will let you know when your dancer needs to be at the studio for Recital Pictures and Performance.  You will notice that we have taken extra precautions to ensure that there are no more than three groups of dancers in the studio at any given time. Parents will be asked to remain outside of the studio as has been the case these past couple of weeks for dancers over the age of 6. We will maintain all of the proper social distancing protocols that were put in place when we re-opened the studio.  
This is how it will work on your date and time of performance.  The dancers are asked to come prepared in makeup and costume. Unless they need to change costumes – in which case we have dance rooms A & B set up for changing.  They will be labeled by level for change rooms.  They will first take their picture in room C and then move across the hall to have their performance in room D.  Once they have finished this process they are free to go.  Parents are encouraged to wait in their vehicle or head home and return when finished, since we have limited space in the lobby.  
Once again, we are thrilled to be able to celebrate this year of dance and are grateful to all of you for your continued support!

Recital and Picture Schedule

Yours in Dance,

Bill & Leah

How do I wear my hair?
This year we will all wear our hair in a bun.  That way we are uniform for both picture and performance. Unfortunately, we won’t have time to change our hair between pictures and performances.
What tights do I wear?
Every class is different but for ballet we will all wear Theatrical Pink Tights from Body Wrappers.  We have some for sale at the studio.
Should I wear Stage Makeup?
Although you will not need as much make up like you are on stage, you will need heavier make up than normal.  So somewhere in between is what we recommend.  If you come prepared, you shouldn’t need to bring too much extra stuff with you.  Maybe just some touch up items. 
My dancer is a boy so where does he change?
We will be using the “homework” room as usual for our gentlemen dancers.  
How do I order pictures?
This year there is a link on our website for a non contact photo order system. We are asking that you place your picture order by Friday June 12th. Pictures will not be available to see before you order.
I want both my dancers pictures together, how do I do that?
If you’d like a sibling picture we ask that you bring the “older” dancer to the “younger” dancer’s time.  
How do I keep my kids busy while they’re there?
Since we have limited space in the dressing rooms we ask that you bring only what you need.  no blankets, no electronics, no crayons and art stuff.  You will notice that the kids are not here long at all.  If they need a snack, bring something simple and not messy – NO PEANUTS.  We will also have our snack cart available
What shoes do I wear?
In general we wear pink ballet shoes for ballet, black tap shoes for tap, black sneakers for hip hop, etc.  Your dancer will probably know what they have to wear.  BUT if you have a question, feel free to email us and we will respond asap.  FYI, level 6/7 hip hop will wear white sneakers.