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Conservatory of Dance is a school program and therefore tuition is to be paid on an monthly basis. There will be some months when a class will meet 4 times and some when they will meet only 3 times.  

Sign up mid-month and we will prorate that month at our drop-in class rate of $25 per class. If you would like to pay the annual tuition all at once, you will receive a Pre-Pay Discount (listed in the
chart below).

Pre-Pay Discount is only available when paying for full year tuition by August 31.

Tuition is based on the number of classes that are being taken by any member of a family.  Discounts are extended for each class you add no matter which member of the family is registering for the class.  

* Pre-Pay Discount is only available when paying for full year Tuition.


Registration Fees

A Registration Fee of $70.00 will be charged to each account.  This fee will be applied once per year to each family regardless of how many students.  Every student registered will receive a complimentary Conservatory of Dance T-Shirt!


Costume and Recital Fees

All students are encouraged to participate in the recital.  Dance is a performing art and the year end show is the culmination of all of the hard work, training and fun that your students have had throughout the year.  Not doing the recital is like being on a soccer team but not taking part in the games. 

The confidence and self esteem that comes from performing for a large audience will be carried with these students for the rest of their lives! Costume fees of $99 per Child size costume and $109 per Adult size costume will be due by November 15. (After this date, costume fees will be $109 for Child and $119 for Adult costumes.  The final cutoff for placing a costume order is January 30th.) 

A Recital fee of $75.00 will be due by April 1 and will include a Digital Download of all the performances. There are no cameras or video cameras allowed at the performance.




Tuition is based on an average 3-4 classes per month.  Because of certain holiday breaks, in some months a class may only meet 3 times and other months will have 4.  Should your child miss a class, they can make that class up by the end of that month.  If you need more time please ask the front desk manager.



Tuition will be prorated for our drop in class rate of $25 per class. Should you sign up in the middle of the month, this is how we will determine the tuition for that month.